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Wisdom from Yogi Berra

When a young Yogi Berra reported for Yankees spring training, he was fearful that Bill Dickey, the team’s long-time catcher, would be protective of his job and favor a fellow veteran player instead of Berra. The opposite happened: Dickey was a wonderful mentor to Berra, or as Berra put it: “Bill Dickey is learning me his experience.”

Of all of the famous Yogi-isms, the one about Bill Dickey has always been one of my favorites, and recently got me thinking about the mentors I’ve had through the years and what values I learned from them:

  • It’s alright to skin your knees along the way to get to your goal

  • Plan your work and work your plan

  • Work hard, be strategic and have fun along the way

  • Stay cool and calm

  • Try to find humor even in the darkest times

  • Be flexible and compassionate

  • Be transparent

  • You can never say thank you enough

What is a value or lesson you learned from one of your mentors that impacted your career?

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