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Summer Jobs

With the approach of Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start to summer, I thought about the summer jobs I had in high school and college. A cross-section:

  • Machine operator for a printer company, and for a manufacturer of heavy-duty metal and PVC tubes

  • Assembly line worker and truck unloader for a Hawaiian Punch production plant

  • Post office mail and parcel sorter

Takeaways from my summer job work experiences:

  • Drinking all of the Hawaiian Punch you want may sound like a cool job benefit when you’re 18 years old. Today, probably not so much.

  • Getting dirty will always be part of any job, not only when unloading trucks filled with large broken cardboard drums of Hawaiian Punch concentrate, but in our professional careers. Examples: setting up or breaking down events or working outdoors. Don’t shy away from the dirty work, be it a physical or an online labor-intensive project.

  • Summer jobs that are not cool ones with your peers can be the start to your career path. I got my first full-time job because of an executive contact at the printing company, even though we rarely crossed paths there.

What was your first summer job, and how did a summer job influence your career?

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